Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

certified Crime scene cleanup training

Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

Bio-Trauma 911 is a training company and derives income from our crime scene cleanup training course. However, contrary to what other companies may have you believe, crime scene cleanup certification is not required by any regulatory agency. As of the time of this writing, individuals and business entities can offer crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation services with no training at all (unless training is required by a local governing body). However, even though “certification” & training is not required, starting a crime scene cleanup or biohazard remediation company without biohazard cleanup training would be foolish!

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc., dba Extreme Remediation, provides a certificate of completion to those who complete our training course. This certificate is no different than the certificates offered by other training companies. Since there aren’t any federal regulations regarding the crime scene cleanup industry, training companies are free to develop their own curriculum and issue certificates of completion. If an insurance agency or governing body ask for proof of training, you can show your certificate as proof. You may also provide our contact information and we’ll verify your successful completion of our crime scene cleanup training course. 

So, if it’s not required, why pay for biohazard cleanup training?

The answer to this question is simple. Without training in this industry, you will fail to adequately and safely remediate crime and trauma scenes. Furthermore, without training:

  • You will not do the job correctly and you may find yourself in legal trouble.
  • You probably won’t stay in business because you will offer subpar service.
  • You won’t know how to bid jobs and other companies will be better & faster at cleaning various scenes.
  • You may not be familiar with bloodborne pathogens and cross contamination.
  • You won’t know how or where to sell your crime scene cleanup & biohazard remediation services.
  • You won’t understand the importance of working with a clean tech and dirty tech.
  • You won’t be knowledgeable about OSHA mandated training courses that you and your employees must complete.
  • You won’t be familiar with the tools, equipment and chemicals used in the crime scene cleanup industry.
  • You won’t know the 15 other reasons why biohazard cleanup training is vital and necessary!!
Our Training Course Curriculum
  • Classroom TrainingIntroduction to Biohazard Remediation - Regulations - Safe Practices - Terminology - Tools of the Trade - Scene Assessment - Working the Scene - Clean Tech & Dirty Tech - Blood Carpet - Combined Hoarding & Bio - Understanding Surfaces - Before & After - Job Completion
  • Business TrainingBusiness Training Introduction - Create Your Business - Your Online Presence - Accounting, Insurance & Legal - Office Space & Equipment - Contract & Forms - Proposals & Invoicing - Payments & Collections - Target Market - Reach Your Market
  • Hands On TrainingEnter & Assess a Scene - Tips on Bidding a Job - How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors - Don & Wear PPE - Mix & Apply Disinfectant - Build Your Box - Clean Tech & Dirty Tech - Disposal & Cross Contamination - Clean & Dismantle Couch - Clean & Dismantle a Recliner - Clean & Dismantle Furniture - Clean & Remove Flooring - Clean Ceiling & Walls - Dismantle Mattress & Box Spring - Clean & Dismantle Vehicle
  • OSHA Certification for Crime Scene CleanupHand & Power Tool Safety - Hazard Communication Safety - Personal Protective Equipment - Bloodborne Pathogens - Respiratory Safety
  • Hoarding & Clutter CleanupWorking with Clients - Bidding the Job - Preparing for the Job - Dumpster Rental - Dumpster Issues - Arriving at the Scene - Cleaning the Scene - Dealing with Mice - Working Outside - Finishing the Job
  • Bonus Training - Cat HouseDocumenting six days of cleaning and deconstruction of one of the worst cat hoarding houses in the country!
Our course cost less than a car payment! Several payment options
are available
Our course can be completed in a matter of days!
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