Crime Scene Cleanup Training

"Our biohazard remediation and hoarding cleanup training course is the best in the nation. In addition to extensive training in the detection and removal of biohazards from crime & trauma scenes, students receive in-depth instruction in business management & OSHA required subjects. Following training, students can take advantage of our free business association and business support package. Questions before or after you sign up for training can be directed to me at"
Brandon Stone, President & CEO

About Us

Make $3,800 a Day!

The average cost to remediate a crime or trauma scene is about $3,800 and takes less than a day. The average cost to clean a hoarders home is approximately $6,000 and takes about three days. Although the profit margin is greater when cleaning crime & trauma scenes, hoarding & extreme cleaning can be equally profitable.

Starting a crime scene cleanup business does not require an education, extensive training, or a lot of startup capital. Very few, if any, business models allow a person to start their business and within weeks bill clients $200 or more per hour for service.

Our biohazard cleanup training course will provide you with nearly everything you need for a successful start in this industry. Whether you want to start your own company or work for someone else, our training will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to safely remediate a wide variety of scenes.

Our Goal

We have extensive experience in the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry. Our team is certified, trained, and equipped to handle a wide range of biohazardous materials and hazardous waste, including blood, bodily fluids, and infectious disease. Through our training academy, our goal is to pass on to you the knowledge and skills we've acquired over the past two decades. Certified Crime Scene Cleanup Training

Our Vision

Through our association at ERCA-Team.Global, we aim to create a network of companies that can work together to build and grow their respective companies. With the added benefits found through our business support package and business leads package, business owners who complete our training course are afforded a wealth of assistance and resources to grow their business. Contact Us

Crime Scene Cleanup Training

It Cost Less than a Car Payment!

Where can you learn a new career, through certified training, with little to no formal education, for less money than a car payment?

If you'd like to create a better lifestyle or have a desire to create your own business, the Crime Scene Cleanup Industry has so much to offer. Through our online certified crime scene cleanup training program, you're only weeks away from achieving your dream. Please click the link below for more information about a crime scene cleanup license & biohazard cleaning certification.

Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

No Biohazards! Just Hoarding & Clutter Removal

Profitable Small Business Idea!

If you're looking for a small business idea or a set of services that you can include in your business portfolio, invest in this training program! If you're not into cleaning crime & trauma scenes, just concentrate on hoarding & clutter cleaning. You can also add removal of bird droppings, odor remediation, construction cleanout, etc. The list of services you could offer is endless!

  • The Washington Post and several research firms estimate there are nearly 19 million hoarders in the USA
  • If only 1/2 of a percent of US hoarders asked for your help in cleaning their homes, that's 95,000 potential jobs coming into your company. If your profit is $2,000 per job, you would stand to make $190,000,000 in profit!
  • This is a business that can be opened in any country, as crime, trauma & hoarding exist worldwide. You could literally start your new business in a matter of weeks!

How to Start a Cleaning Business

Crime Scene Cleanup Training Curriculum

  • Classroom TrainingIntroduction to Biohazard Remediation - Regulations - Safe Practices - Terminology - Tools of the Trade - Scene Assessment - Working the Scene - Clean Tech & Dirty Tech - Blood Carpet - Combined Hoarding & Bio - Understanding Surfaces - Before & After - Job Completion
  • Business TrainingBusiness Training Introduction - Create Your Business - Your Online Presence - Accounting, Insurance & Legal - Office Space & Equipment - Contract & Forms - Proposals & Invoicing - Payments & Collections - Target Market - Reach Your Market
  • Hands On TrainingEnter & Assess a Scene - Tips on Bidding a Job - How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors - Don & Wear PPE - Mix & Apply Disinfectant - Build Your Box - Clean Tech & Dirty Tech - Disposal & Cross Contamination - Clean & Dismantle Couch - Clean & Dismantle a Recliner - Clean & Dismantle Furniture - Clean & Remove Flooring - Clean Ceiling & Walls - Dismantle Mattress & Box Spring - Clean & Dismantle Vehicle
  • OSHA Certification for Crime Scene CleanupHand & Power Tool Safety - Hazard Communication Safety - Personal Protective Equipment - Bloodborne Pathogens - Respiratory Safety
  • Hoarding & Clutter CleanupWorking with Clients - Bidding the Job - Preparing for the Job - Dumpster Rental - Dumpster Issues - Arriving at the Scene - Cleaning the Scene - Dealing with Mice - Working Outside - Finishing the Job
  • Bonus Training - Cat HouseDocumenting six days of cleaning and deconstruction of one of the worst cat hoarding houses in the country!