Bird Droppings & Rodent Feces


Indiana Bird Droppings & Rodent Feces

Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis and Hantavirus are just a few of the diseases you could catch through contact with bird droppings and rodent feces. Contact with infected rodent feces or droppings, urine and nesting materials can cause Hantavirus Disease. Poorly ventilated areas create an increased risk for infection. Working in a home or close quarters, with an active rodent infestation, requires at a minimum a mask or respirator. Bird droppings, even in a well ventilated area, can cause illnesses and dangerous medical conditions. Please work with a trained professional before attempting to remove or disturb bird droppings or rodent feces.

How do you remove bird droppings and feces?

The most important factor in removing bird droppings and rodent feces is probably containment. In most situations, our specialists will wear full PPE gear with a respirator. Depending on the location of the droppings or feces, we may construct a barrier to prevent airborne particles from contaminating a larger area. In most situations involving bird droppings (pigeon poop), our specialists can simply hydrate the droppings with a disinfectant and wipe it up. This procedure needs to be done in such a way that the liquid droppings do not run into uncontaminated areas.

Rodent feces is much easier to contain and remove. More often than not, we’re simply going to disinfect the area and carefully remove the fecal matter. Again, our specialists will typically be dressed in PPE for this process. It’s also important to keep dust and fecal particles from becoming airborne, as this can increase the risk of infection.

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