Biohazard Remediation, which is more commonly referred to as Crime Scene Cleanup, involves the identification and removal of blood and bodily fluids following a criminal act, trauma related incident or accident.  Additional services offered include: compulsive hoarding cleaning and trash removal, mold & odor remediation, removal of animal and human feces, meth lab cleanup and more.  These services are in high demand with very few qualified companies available to meet that demand. 

Following a crime, traumatic event or accident, and after the removal of the body or injured person, the home owner or office management are faced with the daunting challenge of removing the blood and fluids that remain. More often than not, a police officer, firefighter or medical examiner will recommend the property owner contact a crime scene cleanup company.  Most of the services required for proper remediation will be covered under the property or home owner’s insurance policy and requires only the policy deductible be paid by the insured.

Depending on your geographical region, companies routinely charge $130 to $300 per hour for the services outlined above. On top of that, most of these same companies pay their technicians $25 or more per hour, which means you’ll always have a team of professional, well-trained and knowledgeable technicians to call upon when work comes your way.

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Brandon Stone
Author: Brandon Stone