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Since 2005, our team of hoarding and clutter cleanup specialists have been helping families throughout the Midwestern United States.  With our client’s authorization, we oftentimes capture our work on video. These videos are posted to social media so others can learn more about the wide variety of services we offer. Please take a few minutes to visit our YouTube Channel.  Feel free to leave a question or comment on our videos, as we try our best to respond to every legitimate message.  If you wish to contact us to discuss your individual needs, please use the quote request form below or call us at 1-800-759-6960.

Hoarding, Trash & Clutter Removal

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. has been helping hoarders with cleaning and clutter removal since 2005 and offers very competitive rates for compulsive hoarding, excess property removal, extreme filth and clutter cleanup.

While this page discusses extreme situations, we understand that not every situation involves hoarding. Fortunately, our team of professional cleaners are always available to assist in a wide variety of home cleaning scenarios.  Please call us at 1-800-759-6960 to discuss your unique situation.

Green Clean | General Cleaning

Green Cleaning is the process by which standard and advanced cleaning procedures utilize environmentally friendly chemicals that promote health and protection of the environment. While many companies consider only the use of proper chemicals as an adequate green cleaning program, at Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. we have created an entire process that consists of policies, procedures and training. While the use of proper products in green cleaning is vital, the core of our program is to provide our clients with an in-depth and comprehensive cleaning experience, while minimizing the impact on health and the environment.

The management team and technicians of Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. understand that life, work, kids and a wide range of other situations may prevent you from keeping your house as clean as you and your family would like.

We understand that you are not a hoarder and your house does not fall under the category of “Gross Filth”. We understand that you probably once kept a very clean home and in the future you may have more time to tend to cleaning chores. But right now, at this very moment, your home needs some attention that you just don’t have time to give it.

Since 2005, Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. and its staff of professional and trained technicians have been at the forefront of extreme cleaning. While most standard cleaning companies tackle dust and spider webs, we routinely deal with the unexpected and the dangerous. While most standard cleaning companies sweep and wipe surfaces, we search for traces of microscopic particles and fill dumpsters with debris. On a daily basis, our technicians are challenged to restore crime and trauma related scenes to a pre-incident condition. Our technicians have restored condemned homes to habitable conditions and rid other homes of infectious diseases, rodents and feces. Day after day, our technicians are faced with the worst possible scenarios, yet succeed without fail.

While your home may not require every service we offer, we have the experience, knowledge and stamina to make your home shine. Whether your home has sat vacant for an extended period of time, is covered in animal feces or has large amounts of trash from wall to wall, WE CAN HELP! If you simply need everything in your home boxed up, WE CAN HELP! If you need your basement or attic thoroughly cleaned, WE CAN HELP! If you live in a dusty area and want every inch of your home wiped down and disinfected, WE CAN HELP!

Please call us today to discuss your home cleaning needs. You will not be charged for your request for help or advice. Our staff is caring, compassionate and discreet. Unless required by a court of law, we will never discuss your situation with a third party.

Construction Waste | Trash Out | Junk Removal

The staff of Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. have been extreme cleaners for over 14 years.  As professionals in the field of hoarding cleanup, our teams have faced the worst possible cleaning scenarios. Faced with the daily challenge of completely removing and disposing of the contents of entire homes, which oftentimes requires two or more 40-yard dumpsters, construction waste disposal is 2nd nature to us.

Whether you are putting up new buildings, remodeling or demolishing an existing one, call on us to get rid of the leftover debris. Call us anytime, day or night, for just one or multiple cleanings throughout the various project stages. And, we don’t just work for big construction companies.  If you’re a homeowner and have construction waste or just plain simple junk that needs to be removed, give us a call!

Some of the items we remove:

  • Concrete

  • Drywall

  • Flooring

  • Frames

  • Pipes & fittings

  • Shingles

  • Tiling

  • Windows

Payment Information

Unfortunately, we have found that most insurance companies do not cover the cost of cleanup associated with  hoarding & extreme clutter.

Typically, we ask for a down payment equal to 1/2 of the proposed cost before work is to begin.  Halfway through the job, we receive 1/2 payment of the remaining balance and the final payment is received prior to the job’s completion.

For example:
Proposed Cost = $5,000 and we will need $2,500 as a down payment.  The leaves $2,500 still due, of which we will need $1,250 when the project is halfway done. The remaining balance of $1,250 is due before the final day of work.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. accepts most major credit cards, cashier checks, money orders and ACH deposits.  The entire balance due may also be paid in advance and any adjustments, such as a credit due, will be made within a few days after the job is completed and paperwork has been completed.

To make a payment, please visit https://extremeremediation.com/online-payments/

Midwest US Hoarding Cleanup

Please click a link below for more information regarding hoarding cleanup and clutter removal in your area

If you’re unable to find the answer to your question, please use the “Chat Now” button at the bottom right of this screen to discuss your hoarding situation with one of our staff members.  Our time and advice are free!

Clutter and junk removal associated with hoarding typically involves cleaning a building or residence that a reasonable person would find uninhabitable. Conditions involving filth and debris, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, mildew, etc. can cause a poor living environment.  If human and animal feces is present the situation can be detrimental to one’s health. These extreme situations often require the services of trained professionals.

The task of cleaning a home affected by hoarding, extreme filth or excess clutter can be challenging. These types of situations are often impossible for an individual untrained in extreme cleaning, decontamination and odor removal. In addition, those tasked with such a job must be trained in locating and safely eliminating biohazards. Blood, mold, mildew, asbestos and fecal matter can contribute to serious illnesses if proper precautions are not taken while cleaning.

Before you attempt to clean a home that may be unsafe due to hoarding or biohazards, please speak with one of our certified technicians. We have trained personnel standing by 24 hours a day at 1-800-759-6960 to answer your questions.  Our team of professional, discreet and fully insured technicians service the Midwestern United States.  We’re typically available within a matter of days to assist with your hoarding, clutter or junk removal needs.

Our hoarding and clutter removal services include:

  • Confidential and private service! We will not discuss your situation with anyone
  • Sorting, organizing and disposal of household goods and personal effects
  • A clear plan so we know what needs to be kept and what should be donated or disposed of
  • You or your family member will have complete control over the cleaning process
  • A “No Rush” promise! We will take as much time as you need to clean your home
  • We will complete a general cleaning of the residence after we finish the cleaning process

Service Area

Bio-Trauma 911 Offers Crime Scene Cleanup, Hoarding Cleanup and Other Types of Remediation Services to the Following and Surrounding Areas


Anderson, Bloomington, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis crime scene cleanup, Indianapolis Hoarding Cleanup, Lafayette, Muncie, South Bend, Terre Haute and other Indiana cities

Covington, Elizabethtown, Fayette, Frankfort, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Lexington Crime Scene Cleanup, Lexington, Louisville crime scene cleanup, Louisville Hoarding Cleanup, Owensboro, Paducah, Pleasure Ridge Park, Richmond, Valley Station and other Kentucky cities
Akron Crime Scene Cleanup, Akron Hoarding Cleanup, Canton, Cincinnati Crime Scene Cleanup, Cincinnati Hoarding, Cleveland Crime Scene Cleanup,Cleveland Hoarding, Columbus Crime Scene Cleaning, Columbus Hoarding Cleanup, Dayton Crime Scene Cleanup, Dayton Hoarding, Elyria, Euclid, Hamilton, Kettering, Lakewood, Lorain, Mentor, Middletown, Parma, Springfield, Toledo Crime Scene Cleanup, Toledo Hoarding Cleanup, Youngstown and other Ohio cities
Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Janesville, Kenosha, La Crosse, Milwaukee crime scene cleanup, Oshkosh, Racine, Sheboygan, West Allis and other Wisconsin cities
Arlington Heights, Aurora, Berwyn, Bloomington, Bolingbrook, Champaign, Chicago crime scene cleanup, Chicago Hoarding Cleanup, Cicero, Decatur, Des Plaines, Elgin, Evanston, Joliet, Mount Prospect, Naperville, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Orland Park, Palatine, Peoria, Rockford, Schaumburg, Skokie, Springfield, Waukegan, Wheaton and other Illinois cities
Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Canton, Clinton, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit crime scene cleanup, Detroit Hoarding Cleanup, Farmington Hills, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Livonia, Pontiac, Redford, Rochester, Royal Oak, Saginaw, Shelby, Southfield, St. Clair, Sterling, Taylor, Troy, Warren, Waterford, West Bloomfield Township, Westland, Wyoming and other Michigan cities

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Remediation & Cleaning Cost Estimate
Level 1 - The clutter is limited to specific areas such as closets, drawers, or certain rooms
Level 3 - The clutter now affects most living areas, making them virtually unusable or inaccessible
Level 5 - The living environment becomes completely uninhabitable, overrun by overwhelming piles of items, trash, and filth
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